Tobins' Tastes: April 2016

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Welcome To Tobins' Tastes!

Hi and welcome to Tobins' Tastes! In 2011 I started Couponing & Cooking as a way to share my growing recipe collection and tips on saving money on groceries with family and friends. It began as something fun and random but eventually turned into a pretty lucrative source of second income for our family.

While I loved blogging, somewhere along the way I got a little too into doing sponsored posts and took on a little more than I could enjoy. The site moved away from who Justin and I were at heart become more business than fun. Over the last five years we've realized that we love blogging but we wanted something that was a more authentic version of us- our recipes, our travel, our lives and some sponsored content thrown in as well. 

In early 2015, I attended Food Blog Forum in Orlando and felt completely re-energized to find our blogging voice and move in a different direction then we had been. I had grand plans of a site redesign, new name and new post ideas- by the way I was three months pregnant at the time and had no idea that I would soon loose all motivation to do anything but watch Netflix and pin nursery ideas. So I took a little blogging break.

Due to end of the school year craziness (I'm a full time teacher), summer travel, some minor pregnancy complications, the start of the school year, the birth of our son, Easton, in October, life with a newborn and returning to work full time last month that little break became a year. I am starting to feel like I am ready blog again and so Tobins' Tastes has been born. 

I'm hoping this can evolve into a place where Justin and I share our love of food, travel, photography, Disney, Easton and life in general. Couponing & Cooking still exists and the posts will be there for the foreseeable future for you to revisit when needed but I'm looking forward to a new start! 
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