Tobins' Tastes: October 2016

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Pumpkin Patch 2016

A few photos of the Pumpkin Patch 2016!

Since Easton was too little to bring to the pumpkin patch last year, Justin and I knew we wanted to bring him for photos this year. And in our family there is no going to the pumpkin patch on your own, it must be a full on family affair with cousins and grandparents too.

Our day started out slightly chaotic when we arrived to the pumpkin patch my mom and sister had visited last year only to find out that the weekend they had visited last year was apparently some kind of "fall festival" that was not scheduled until next weekend.

We had heard good things about a pumpkin patch at a church a few minutes away so we headed there with high hopes for pumpkin filled family photos.

When we arrived at the second pumpkin patch we realized that it wasn't scheduled to open until noon and it was only 10:30. After a short family discussion (read: argument) we decided that we would take the risk of trespassing in the name of cute fall pictures.

We weren't the only ones desperate enough to risk breaking laws for pumpkin photos. Once we decided to step over the ropes, families who had been waiting in their cars decided to get out and join us. Enough people showed up that the church volunteers ended up coming out early and opening ahead of time. Guess we started a trend.

Easton wasn't too cooperative for the photos but he had way too much fun running around and grabbing every pumpkin in sight. My nephew Jack was so in love with his mini pumpkin that they ended up having to buy it for him so he wouldn't have to give it up. Overall it was the perfect way to kick off fall!

Easton's outfit:
Pumpkin Onesie: Plucky Mustard
Pants: June & January 
Shoes: Cat & Jack 
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