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I'm Kaylee- Mom to Easton- Wife to Justin - Teacher - Wannabe Foodie - Lilly Pulitzer Lover - Diet Coke Addict - Disney World Annual Passholder - Obsessed With Sparkles, Sprinkles & Shoes

I use to blog at Couponing & Cooking but as my life evolved we found the need to start a new blog- Tobins' Tastes.

I married my best friend, Justin, in 2010 and we bought our house in 2011. Our son Easton was born in 2015.

Fun facts about me:

  • I am a third generation University of Notre Dame Graduate. My paternal grandfather, my dad, 3 of my dad's brothers and my mom's brother went to ND. My sister, brother, myself and six of my cousins also went there. 
  •  I have never had a hamburger and I never plan to.
  • Diet Coke is my coffee. During hurricane season I stockpile Diet Coke before I even think about water or batteries.
  • I have a deep love for lemurs, penguins, monkeys and all animals of the exotic variety. I have fed giraffes, been inside the penguin exhibit at Sea World, had dinner with Shamu and I have met the belugas. 
  • I could go to Disney every day and never be bored.
  • My dream is to put my toes in all 5 of the oceans of the world : )   Two down, three to go.

You can contact me at or by reaching out on any of my social media accounts!


  1. Mountain Dew Voltage is my coffee! ;) Is there a way to contact Tobin's Tastes by email, Kaylee?


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