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I'm Kaylee- Mom to Easton & Jude - Wife to Justin - Teacher - Wannabe Foodie - Lilly Pulitzer Lover - Diet Coke Addict - Disney World Annual Passholder - Obsessed With Sparkles, Sprinkles & Shoes

I use to blog at Couponing & Cooking but as my life evolved we found the need to start a new blog- Tobins' Tastes.

I married my best friend, Justin, in 2010 and we bought our house in 2011. Our son Easton was born in 2015. Jude was born two years later in October of 2017.

Fun facts about me:

  • I am a third generation University of Notre Dame Graduate. My paternal grandfather, my dad, 3 of my dad's brothers and my mom's brother went to ND. My sister, brother, myself and six of my cousins also went there. 
  •  I have never had a hamburger and I never plan to.
  • Diet Coke is my coffee. During hurricane season I stockpile Diet Coke before I even think about water or batteries.
  • I have a deep love for lemurs, penguins, monkeys and all animals of the exotic variety. I have fed giraffes, been inside the penguin exhibit at Sea World, had dinner with Shamu and I have met the belugas. 
  • I could go to Disney every day and never be bored.
  • My dream is to put my toes in all 5 of the oceans of the world : )   Two down, three to go.

You can contact me at or by reaching out on any of my social media accounts!

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