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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Couponing 101: How Does Stacking Coupons Work?

One way to get the lowest prices possible on a product is to combine a sale with a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon. This is often referred to as "stacking" coupons. Here are some common questions I get in regards to stacking.

  1. How do you stack coupons?
  2. What stores let you stack coupons?
  3. Where do you get store coupons?
Here are my answers based on what I have learned about couponing so far.

  1. Stacking coupons is when you can use a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon on the same item. Coupons will have a little set of boxes at the top of them that will have the expiration date and will state what type of coupon it is. Most coupons (especially those from the paper or coupon websites) will be manufacturer coupons. However, if the box on the top of the coupon says "store coupon" or "Target Coupon" then it is a store coupon.
  2. Right now the only store I shop at locally that let you stack coupons are Publix and Target. Publix will let you use a manufacturer and a Publix coupon on every item that you buy. This includes BOGO items. Publix will also let you stack a competitor's coupon and a manufacturer's coupon on an item if you don't have a Publix Coupon. Target will let you stack a Target coupon and a manufacturer coupon as well. My Target does not accept competitor coupons but if yours did then the same would apply as it does at Publix. Check your local Publix and Target to see if they accept competitors coupons and who that store considers a competitor.
  3. Store coupons can be found in lots of places. I will break it down by store
    • Publix: The most common place to find Publix coupons are in Publix Green and Yellow advantage flyers. Occasionally, Publix puts out store coupon booklets like the Family Winter Savings and All The Trimming booklets. It is rare but you can sometimes find Publix store coupons in newspaper inserts and on website like
    • Target: is the best place that I know of to find Target store coupons. Target does do home mailers but they are far and few between and its hard to know if you are going to get one. Target also has in store coupon booklets but I never seem to find them in my stores. From time to time, newspaper inserts do have Target store coupons as well.
A few more tips:
  • Many times manufacturer coupons can have a store logo on them or say "Redeem At Publix". This does not necessarily make them a store coupon. If the tops says manufacturer than it should be accepted anywhere.
  • The exception to above is if the coupon says "can only be redeemed at Publix". Then it is a store manufacturer coupon and can only be used at that store and cannot be stacked with another manufacturer coupon. Publix should let you use a store coupon with that type of coupon if you had one.
  • Stacking coupons on top of a sale is the best way to get a great price. Publix BOGO sales are my favorite because you can use two coupons per item, even the free one.
    • Example: Soup is normally $1.25 a can
      • On sale BOGO
      • Use a .25 off store coupon and a .25 manufacturer coupon on both items
      • now you are paying .25 cents for both cans
Comment with any other questions!
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