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Monday, April 21, 2014

Back Porch Survival Kit For The Guys

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What this could really be called is "how to keep the guys outside and not interrupting you every five seconds so you can have girl time" Kits but that just didn't seem to have the same ring to it.

Everyone knows the situation: You have a few couples over for dinner and then afterwards the girls want to stay inside drinking wine and gossiping while the men head outside for cigars and a drink. But inevitably, the sliding glass door will open and someone's husband will ask for ice, a snack or another dessert. And sure enough, girl time gets interrupted over and over again.

So for our next get together, I assembled some man kits which will hopefully keep the men out on the back porch around the fire pit for a least a little bit so we ladies can have some quality talk time with our wine.

I went to Walmart and grabbed a variety of Cubero Cigars. The size, packaging and variety of blends gave me the perfect selection to include to make sure that everyone has something to make them happy. I also grabbed some smoked almonds and dark chocolate. I swung by the liquor store and grabbed a few mini bottles of whisky to complete my man essentials.

After our next dinner, all I have to do is put some ice in some little tubs, add a small plastic cup and my Cubero Cigars and other items. This way the guys can enjoy their evening outside on the back porch and have everything they might need right at their fingertips.

This means happy husbands and happy wives since we won't be jumping up every five seconds to bring them ice, a drink or a snack.

I am not a doctor or a healthcare professional. Please be sure to enjoy everything show in this post responsibly and in moderation, and that includes the dark chocolate : ) 


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