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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Great Deals & Freebies At Target 1/25

Today has been quite a day. I found out this morning that one of my recipe posts was featured on a major website, then after school I got a pedicure with a Christmas gift certificate and on my way home I stopped at Target and saw the amazing news that they are renovating my Target to make it a Fresh Grocery Target. Top that off by finding great clearance deals and having an amazing cashier at Target who was above and beyond helpful and friendly about my coupons, and I am one happy girl.

After using my $3 off coupons, I got two shirts for $1 each

I went to Target to get a few freebies and was so happy to see that my store had them all in stock. I also found some clearance mark downs in the special Target Bodega section that paired nicely with some of my coupons. My Target registers don't round the coupons down so I ended up getting the whole price of the coupon off my purchase for my freebies. In total, I spent $19.71 for $81.89 worth of stuff meaning I saved $62.18 or 76%!

Here is the breakdown with coupon match ups:
  • 3 singles rolls of Up & Up paper towels, retails for .99 cents each
    • Used three $1 off printables
    • Made them all FREE
  • 4 travel size packages of Band Aids, retails for .97 cents each
    • Used four $1 off any size Band Aid product printables from
    • Made them all FREE
  • 1 package of Reach Floss, retails for .97 cents
  • 3 boxes of Market Pantry Mac & Cheese, retails for .67 cents each
  • 2 Merona T-Shirts, retails for $8.00 each, on clerance for $4.00 each
    • Used two $3 off any Merona item from
    • Made them each $1.00
  • 2 bags of Alexia frozen sweet potatoes, retails for $3.59 each, price cut to $3.09 each
    • Used two $1 off manufacturer printables from their Facebook page
    • Stacked with two $1 off printables
    • Made them $1.09 each
  • 4 Bodega packages of Scrubbing Bubbles (each pack had 2 large bottles of Scrubbing Bubbles and one 6 use toilet cleaning stamp kit), retails for $4.99 each, marked down to $3.48, rang up $2.48 each
    • Used two $2/2 coupons from magazine insert booklets
    • Made each package $1.48 each
  • 1 Bodega double pack of Clean & Clear face wash, retails for $9.99, clearance for $6.98
    • Used two $2 off printables from the manufacturer website
    • Made the package $2.98 or $1.49 a bottle
  • 1 Herbal Essences spray hair gel, retails for $2.89 on clearance for $2.09
    • Used a $1 off coupon from the P&G 1/1
    • Made it $1.09
  • 1 Fusion Pro Series Face wash, retails for $3.99, marked down to $3.36
    • Used a $1 off coupon from the P&G 1/1
    • Made it $2.36 (not a great price, but Justin loves it and it doesn't go on sale often)
  • 5 Healthy Choice meals, retails for $2.89 each, marked down to $1.89 (or they rang up that)
    • In store promotion, B4G1 free (minus $1.89 off my bill)
    • printable for B2G1 free (the rang up as $2.89 off)
    • Two manufacturer coupons for .75/2 from the 1/1 SS
    • Made them .63 cents each! (the way this rang up confused me when I looked at my receipt but my store is under renovation and all the price tags weren't up on the ones I picked so I just went with it...)
All in all this was an amazing trip. I hadn't really couponed at Target in a month so I am glad I got back into it : )
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