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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bite Sized Birthday Cakes Made With Golden Birthday Cake Oreos

Today is my sister Corey's 27th birthday and Corey is a girl who loves birthdays. Our family often teases her about drawing out and prolonging her birthday day week month for as long as possible. There are family birthday dinners, friend birthday celebrations, the night she celebrates with her fiance, Dave, pretty much any excuse she can find to celebrate her entrance into this world.

It could be May 22nd and she will justify eating a second cupcake because"it's my birthday". Shopping trips, extra slices of pizza, or taking a weekend trip can all  be written off as celebratory decisions. In fact last year she got engaged and had a huge surprise engagement party a few days before her actual birthday and we still ended up celebrating on May 16th.

But this year things are a little bit different. This year her wedding is two weeks after her birthday. And you know what that means...excessive birthday celebrating might be considered a bit much when there will soon be three days and nights of events thrown just for you. I mean what birthday party can compare to the biggest party of your life, your wedding?

Since I can sympathize with Corey's situation (my 26th birthday was the day after we got home from our honeymoon), I decided to make her a little treat to cheer her up remind her that birthday had not been completely overshadowed by her upcoming wedding.

And what better to reinforce excessive birthday celebrating than Bite-Sized Birthday Cakes made with Birthday Cake Oreos? Cake, sprinkles, candles and limited edition Oreos all in one. Birthdays at their finest. The quintessential birthday dessert if you will.


I started out just planning to dip the Birthday Cake Oreos in Wilton candy melts and cover them in sprinkles. Then I realized that if I stacked the candy coated cookies on top of each other they looked like a cake. Then I added a candle and I felt like I had discovered the New World. I am sure someone else has already thought of these but I am going to keep living in my little bubble of denial and continue to think I invented this adorable snack.


 They were creamy, crunchy and cake battery. As sweet as possible without being too much. Although if you asked Corey, she would probably tell you that when it comes to birthdays there is no such thing as too much. Unless you are getting married in two weeks. Then you might want to tone it down just a bit. Or not : )

Candy Coated Birthday Cake Oreos and Bite-Sized Birthday Cakes
  •  24 Golden Birthday Cake Oreos
  • 12 oz. bag of Wilton Candy Melts in Yellow
  • Assortment of sprinkles
1.) Melt the candy melts in whatever way you prefer. I use a mini crockpot.

2.) Dip a single Oreo and tap off the excess coating. Place on wax paper or a silpat and decorate with sprinkles.

3.) To make the mini cakes: dip your first Oreo and make sure to scrape most of the candy coating off the top before laying down to dry. Dip a second cookie and scrape the top as well. Place second cookie directly on top of the first. Dip a third cookie, don't tap off too much of the coating. Place on top of the other two cookies and using an offset spatula smooth the outside and top to look like a cake.

4.) Top with sprinkles. As the mini cake is drying dip the end of a candle into the candy melts and then stick it onto the top of the cake. You may need to hold it for a few seconds until the candy sets.

5.) Let the Oreos dry and harden up before trying to move them. You can always pop them in the fridge for a few minutes to help them set up.

6.) Store in an airtight container.

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