Tobins' Tastes: $50 Worth of Free Stuff From Walmart With Ibotta's Pick Up The Values Bonuses!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

$50 Worth of Free Stuff From Walmart With Ibotta's Pick Up The Values Bonuses!

Update: It appears as though ibotta has removed the bonus offers early. It looks like the individual earning offers are still there and that you will still earn your $10 Share the Love bonus if you signed up in time. I did contact ibotta and they said that if you had already started earning the Pick Up The Values bonuses that you could still complete them by the original due date of 9/9.

Have you checked out the new Ibotta Pick Up The Values bonuses? They are super high value and all on things that I use all the time. All of the items in the bonus offers also have great offers individually so I was able to earn $43.50 in Ibotta cash back before I even used a single coupon! Paired with Walmart prices I managed to get over $50 worth of products for better than free between two trips.

New to Ibotta? Join before the Share The Love Promo ends on Tuesday and earn another $10 when you redeem 5 offers within your first two weeks. Which means you could get everything pictured above for FREE even without coupons.

Already a member? Grab the coupons and redeem the following offers and you will end up getting all of this for FREE plus $4 in overage after your Ibotta deposit. Make sure and do this deal soon though because the Ibotta bonus offers are only good through midnight on September 9th!

 I did the Poise and the U by Kotex in my second trip/receipt to qualify for the Autumn Stock Up Bonus since neither of them were needed for the Kitchen & Bath Bonus or the Freshen Up Bonus (those all needed to be in the same trip.) Head's up, you may need to "share" the Pick Up The Values printable coupons to get all of them or the higher values. I just tweeted about them but you can share on Facebook or email them to friends to qualify too. It also appears that some of the coupons may have stopped being offered or ran out of prints due to their popularity : (

FYI: It took about 36 hours for all of my offers and bonuses to be processed after I uploaded my receipts. When it was all said and done, I transferred the $43 I earned to my Paypal and then into my checking account less than 48 hours after I finished all my shopping : )

Learn more about Ibotta by reading my post on how it works here!

Breakdown of this Walmart scenario/trips:
Total retail value: $50.59
Total saved after coupons and Ibotta offers: $54.60
Total out of pocket: -$4.01 (I made money when all was said and done)
Percent saved: 108%

    I shouldn't have to say this but...please DO NOT copy and paste this shopping list or deal scenario to your own site. I would love for you to share this with your readers but please do respectfully and link back to this post for the actual details/specifics. Thanks : )

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