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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Getting Started Couponing: Everything You Need To Know All In One Post!

Are you just getting started in couponing? Even though I have a Learn To Coupon page and Couponing 101 post label, I know it can be confusing to sort through all my old posts to read everything. So to simplify the process I have put everything you need to know (well most of it anyways...) here in order with links to the post.

Use this post as your jumping off point into the world of couponing and saving on groceries and household items. Just click on the titles for the links to each individual post. Did I forget something? Let me know. Have questions that weren't answered? Comment or email me and I will be happy to help!

The Basics:

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start Couponing

Learn The Sale Cycles

Where To Find Coupons

Planning A Shopping Trip

Websites I Use To Plan My Trips

What Months Do Things Go On Sale

Details & Specifics

Couponing Lingo

Unconventional Places To Find Coupons

My Favorite Free Couponing Apps

How Does Stacking Coupons Work?

Making Couponing A Lifestyle

What's A Stockpile & Why Should You Have One

The Stalk My Stockpile Series

Why Using Cash Makes Me A Better Couponer

Saving Money By Buying Meat In Bulk From Zaycon


  1. That was interesting. I think that I would like
    to get more materials on this topic. I would appreciate it alot if you'll add something here.

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  3. I’m glad that you point out so many ways to get good at couponing. I always thought that only old people from movies practice couponing. Now when I have three kids, teacher wife and two dogs, I’m really thinking about start the coupon thing. Because this grown up life is so expensive and I’m only 28 year old. My wife even start to work as a writer at website. I’m looking for second job too. Sometimes I even think, that we shouldn’t have so many kids…


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