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Friday, May 9, 2014

My Favorite Couponing Websites

When it comes to couponing, once you have the basics down all you really need is a few good websites to help you snag the best deals at your local grocery stores. It doesn't take hours of reading or research to save a lot each week. While it might seem overwhelming, if you stick to one or two sites, you will find that building your weekly shopping list can be very simple.

When I first started couponing, I felt like I had to read every site out there multiple times a day to stay on top of the deals. Now I read each of my top sites once a day (if that) and take 15-30 on a specific site to build a shopping list before one of my trips. What I love about all of these sites is that you can build a shopping list complete with links to printable coupons, available store coupons and newspaper coupons. Here are my top websites that I use to help me coupon.

I Heart Publix

Hands down this is the site that I use the most. Since Publix is where I do most of my shopping, I check this site daily sometimes twice a day. Not only does Michele post weekly ads with coupon match ups but she also posts about great deals, high value coupons, Advantage Flyer coupon match ups, store promotions and more. I use as the basis for all of my shopping trips.

My favorite features is that I can build my own shopping list from the weekly ad coupon match up and from other deal posts to create a custom list with matching coupons. Each week on Wednesday night I create my shopping list and then use it to pull and cut all my coupons for my Thursday shopping trip. I then take that list and the cut coupons with me to the store to do my shopping. You can even add your own personalized items and prices too. Below is an example of a shopping list you could create. (Click on the image to enlarge it)

 Totally Target

As the name suggests is a website devoted to getting great deals at Target. Kerry not only posts weekly ad coupon match ups but she also posts about current gift card deals, store promotions, mobile coupons, couponsCartwheel discounts, current clearance finds and more.

I love Totally Target because not only can I build a shopping list similar to the one from I Heart Publix but I can also know what extra coupons to bring with me to be on the look out for clearance deals too. Kerry also posts shopping scenarios for gift card deals and $X/$XX Target coupons to help you get even better deals. If you have a Target addiction like I do then a quick stop by this site before heading to Target is definitely going to save you some money.

Southern Savers is a couponing site that covers all different stores. Not only does Jenny post about grocery deals but she also posts about restaurant deals, Amazon deals, and tons of money saving opportunities both on and off line. She also has an amazing coupon database.

Souther Savers is my go to website for searching for coupons. If you are looking for a coupon for a certain product or even a restaurant or website simply click on the Coupon Database icon in the top right hand corner of the site and search for it. You can also make shopping list for weekly store sale ads with coupon matches for close to 20 stores including Walmart, Winn Dixie, Pubilx, Target, the dollar stores, drugstore and many regional grocery stores.

Money Saving Mom is one of the first blogs I started reading when I began couponing. Not only does Crystal post about coupons and great deals but she has tons of good advice on budgeting, frugal meals, living within your means and saving even on a tight budget.

She also shares great recipes, natural and organic food/product coupons and deals as well as store promotions and online deals. Another aspect of Money Saving Mom that I love is that Crystal also shares tips for being more intentional with your time and energy which in turn can save you not just money but a whole lot of stress too. Her site is a great one if you want to start saving money and getting organized in all aspects of your life not just the grocery store.

New to couponing? Check out the Learn To Coupon page and some of these helpful posts below!

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