Tobins' Tastes: What Is A Stockpile & Why Should You Have One?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

What Is A Stockpile & Why Should You Have One?

You may have heard me refer to my stockpile in previous posts. If you are not familiar with couponing or you have never watched "Extreme Couponing" you may have no idea what a stockpile is.

A stockpile is a collection of pantry staples and personal care products that one buys at rock bottom prices (or gets free with coupons). Some crazy extreme couponers have stockpiles that take up entire rooms, basements garages and more. I, however, have my stockpile contained to my pantry, an upstairs closet and one shelf in the garage. The idea of a stockpile is that you should never have to go out to the store and buy something full price when you run out and absolutely need it.

What are some items to commonly stockpile? Here are my suggestions:

Pasta Sauce
Granola Bars
Baking products
salad dressing

Milk (if it's super cheap and the exp date is long enough)
Cheese (shredded and block)
Butter (or spreads like Smart Balance, I freeze it)
Yogurts (check expiration dates)

frozen veggies
frozen fruit
smoothie mix
frozen pizzas
frozen meal/family size entrees

Household Items
toilet paper
paper towels
laundry detergent
cleaning products
dish soap
dish washer soap (cascade packets are always free)

Personal Care
toothpaste (should be free or close to it)
toothbrushes (should be free or close to it)
floss (should be free)
shampoo and conditioner
body wash
mouth wash
contact solution
deodorant (should be free)

These are just my personal favorites. Some people might say, "Why buy all these things when you don't need them all right now?" My response would be that if you are still spending less than you use to on groceries and household items (for me it is significantly less), why not build up a supply of things?

There are weeks when I am too busy to go to the store and our stockpile has been invaluable. It is so nice to be able to make lunch or dinner without running out to the store for things. We are able to have people over last minute and not panic about needing some snacks. Best of all, I am spending way less than I use to on these things while buying way more. And if there ever comes a time that I can't coupon or couponing policies change, at least I will have a few months worth of stuff to live off of  : )
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