Tobins' Tastes: Monday Meal Plan 2/13

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Meal Plan 2/13

Hope you had an amazing weekend. I am really excited about what we are making this week and I have been looking forward to it since my shopping trip last week when I pre-planned what I needed to shop for. We also used some of our grocery money at the Farmer's Market this weekend to get some fresh veggies for our meals. 

I am really excited to be making some mini tapas and such for tomorrow night. Justin has to work until after 8pm so we are going to just do little finger foods when he gets home to celebrate. I am going to use this as an opportunity to try out a few little appetizers from Pinterest (where else?)

Here is what is on the list of meals for the week:

Quinoa Mac & Cheese
Giada's Springtime Pasta
Roast Chicken (compliments of a Publix sale awhile ago) and Veggies
Skinny Enchiladas and Salad

Valentines Day Tapas Dinner and treats:
Brie Bites
Marshmallow Bites
Salami (Justin loves this)
Valentine's Day Cakies

What are you making? Any fun suggestions for a tapas style Valentines?
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