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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spider Web Pudding

 Earlier this week I went on a slight rampage when it comes to cleaning out our fridge. I made an amazing dinner using all sorts of things we had on hand that needed to be used before they expired. Our chicken and veggie bake turned out perfectly and after we enjoyed our wonderfully homemade meal Justin had only one comment, "What's for dessert?"

Since I had spent most of my evening preparing dinner, I needed dessert to be quick and easy. I also wanted to try and continue cleaning out the fridge if possible. A few weeks ago I got a few gallons of milk for free in a Publix promotion and since it is just the two of us we still had a decent amount of milk left that needed to be used before it expired next week.

I decided to whip a box of the sugar free jello pudding we had in the pantry but since I was still feeling all suzy homemaker after my from scratch (and using no recipe) dinner I felt the need to get fancy with our sugar free cheesecake pudding.

I have always wanted to try the spider web in the cupcake icing trick and I figured that pudding was no different than icing and I gave it a try. I used Hershey's Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup and I made a small dot with it in the center of each pudding dish. I then made two consecutive rings of syrup around the dot and used a toothpick to drag the chocolate syrup out like a web.

This is how Justin ate his. Apparently he thought there was some whipped cream that needed cleaning out of the fridge too : )
They aren't the prettiest thing in the world but Justin was pretty impressed and I think they are pretty cute for a fun week night dessert treat. You could get really fancy with them using different types of pudding or even dying the pudding green or orange. I was wishing I had some plastic spider rings to add a little Halloween flair too : )

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