Tobins' Tastes: Saturday's Mini Shopping Trips

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saturday's Mini Shopping Trips

Five 12 packs for $8 or $1.60 each after coupons and ECB's

As I have mentioned, I have really been slacking on the couponing front. After being out of town for a week I had not gone through last Sunday's paper or even looked at the drugstore ads for the upcoming (past) week. When we got home Friday afternoon I was going through the mail and past papers and I was about to throw the CVS flyer from last Sunday's paper in the trash when something jumped out at me. DIET COKE!

Diet Coke is one of my weaknesses.We joke that during hurricane season I may not have a large supply of candles or batteries but I definitely have at least 5 twelve packs of Diet Coke on hand at all times. You can never be too prepared right? So when I saw the deal CVS was running on Coke products I knew I would make time to swing by CVS before the sale ended. 

Through this past Saturday, CVS was running a special on Coke product 12 packs where you could buy five for $15. At $3 a 12 pack that is a pretty good price. To make it even better, you got $5 ECB's when you bought five making it like spending $10 for five 12 packs. Then I remembered my $1/2 Diet Coke 12 pack coupons that I printed awhile back off of CVS's website. So all in all I got five 12 packs for $8 or $1.60 each. Pretty good price if you ask me : ) 

Saved 75% on my favorite yogurt at Walmart!

I also decided to brave Walmart this Saturday for my favorite yogurt. I love Dannon Okios yogurt, specifically the Key Lime flavor. However, none of my Publixs or Targets sell it. Only Walmart. And I dread going to Walmart. Forget the fact that it isn't the cleanest or the most well organized store; what really gets me is how difficult it is to use coupons there. 

I went out on a limb a few weeks back and bought some amazing Dannon Okios coupons off ebay. The yogurts cost $1 piece so I try not to buy them without some good coupons. I was able to get a good number of BOGO free coupons plus some $1/2 coupons too. In keeping with Walmart's coupon policies, I was able to do the following transaction:

8 yogurts at $1 each
Four BOGO coupons
Two $1/2 coupons (to be applied to the four I paid for according to Walmart)
Means I paid $2 for all 8 of them or .25 cents each! A savings of 75%

Nothing crazy but those two little trips made me one happy couponer.

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