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Friday, February 15, 2013

Weekly Shopping Totals Link Up: Saved 94% on $140 Worth at Publix

I have not had a grocery shopping trip like this one in forever. I was so excited when I made my shopping list and I went to the store yesterday with my fingers crossed to actually find all the deals and moneymakers I was looking for. I spent under $9 for over $140 worth of stuff.

Love that for under $10 I got lots of Greek yogurt, tons of money making Nutri Grain bars, some veggie pasta, body wash, beans, dish soap and so much more. I split my trip up into two transactions so I could use two $5/$30 Winn Dixie coupons too.

I was shocked to find that my store had everything single thing in store and all my coupons and prices matched up perfectly. I was able to find an amazing cashier and I was literally in and out in 45 minutes or less. I am so proud of myself for sticking to my "find the bottom of the deep freezer" challenge/commitment and I bought nothing that goes in the freezer. Have to make room for our Zaycon chicken order

We are really working  hard to "clean out" our freezer, pantry and fridge so I really only got the super deals plus some fresh stuff like eggs, yogurt, salad and some fruit.

With the craziness of our very busy wedding season kicking off I have yet to make it to Target or CVS in the last few weeks but I am going to try really hard to make it there next week. Since I only spent $9 yesterday I have plenty of grocery budget cash left to spent elsewhere: ) 

Breakdown of Thursday's Publix trip: 
Total retail value: $141.30
Total spent: $8.56
Total saved: $132.74
Percent saved: 94%

What I got with sale/coupon match ups:
  • 12 boxes of Nutri Grain Bars (6 regular, 6 Fruit Crunch), retails for $3.59 each, on sale BOGO ($1.79 each)
    • Used six B1G1 FREE Publix coupons from the green Game Day Savings in store flyer
    • Stacked with four $1/3 man. coupons
    • Made them all FREE plus a $4 MONEYMAKER total 
  • 3 Poise Products, retails for $3.49 each
    • Used three $3 off coupons from the 2/10 SS
    • Stacked with three $3 off Publix Green Advantage Flyer in store coupons
    • Made them all FREE plus a $7.53 MONEYMAKER total
  • 6 bottles of Sunlight Dish Soap, retails for $1.39 each , on sale for $1 each
  • 6 cans of Progresso Beans, retails for $1.23 each, on sale for .67 each
    • Used two $1/4 in store Italian Days Publix coupons (two of my progresso products were broth)
    • Made them .36 cents each
  • 1 tube of Colgate Optic White Toothpaste, retails for $4.39, on sale for $3 
  • 4 bottles of Dove Men Care Body Wash, retails for $4.99 each, on sale for $3.49 each
    • Used four $2 off coupons from the 1/27 RP
    • Used four $1 off Publix coupons from the Green Ad. Flyer
    • Made them .49 cents each
  • 4 boxes of Mueller's Hidden Veggie Pasta, retails for $1.59 each, on sale BOGO (.79 cents each)
    • Used four .55 cents off coupons from the man. website
    • Made them .24 each
  • 5 Dannon Okios Greek Yogurt, retails for $1.20 each
    • Used a $1/5 blinkie coupon
    • Made them $1 each
  • 6 Voskos Greek Yogurts, retails for $1.25 each, on sale for $1 each 
    • Used two $1/3 coupons from the Publix Get A Jump On Health booklet
    • Made them .67 cents each
  • 1 dozen Publix eggs, $1.99
  • 2 cartons of Progresso Chicken Broth, retails for $2.59 each on sale BOGO $1.29 each
  • 2 bags of Fresh Express Salad, retails for $4.09 each, on sale BOGO ($2.04 each)
  • 2 apples, retails for $2.41, on sale for $1.48 total
  • 1 pint of strawberries, retails for $5.09, on sale for $2

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  1. WOW!! Congrats! I love how you break everything down! I was wondering what SS and RP means? Also where do you get all your coupons? I tried last week using the Sunday paper, ads, ibotta app, and a few online coupons and just got over whelmed and nothing matched up. I'm just getting kinda bummed. I feel like I'm missing something!


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