Tobins' Tastes: Are You Using Cash Back Sites?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Are You Using Cash Back Sites?

Are you planning on doing any online shopping this holiday season? I know that I am and I am definately planning on using my favorite cash back site, Ebates

When I first heard about cash back sites in general, I pretty much thought they were a scam. I checked out a few different sites and it seemed like it would take me forever to actually earn real money back. Then I tried Ebates.

Since I joined Ebates a year ago, I have earned over $150 in cash back. This $150 has only been from about 15 transactions too. I also earned a $10 Target gift card that was mailed to me just for signing up and making my first purchase through Ebates
How does it work? When you want to buy something online, just sign into Ebates website, use the search tool on the upper left hand side and see if the site you are planning on shopping at participates in Ebates. It will tell you right away how much cash back you can earn. Just click through the link on Ebates to your website and shop as normal.

The best part is you can still use promo codes and free shipping deals if you had planned on doing that. Ebates even lists alot of promo codes right on their website so you can still get the best deal. A week or so later the cash back is credited to your account.

Ebates pays out in 3 month quarters and at the end of each quarter you can either get a check or a PayPal deposit so long as you have hit the cash back threshold.

It is free to sign up and they are still doing the $10 gift card promo if you sign up now and make your first purchase in the next three months. 

Have you had success with Ebates or any other cash back sites? What are you tips for smart online shopping during the holiday season and year round?
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