Tobins' Tastes: DIY Lilly Pulitzer Easter Egg Wreath

Monday, April 2, 2012

DIY Lilly Pulitzer Easter Egg Wreath

Almost looks store bought, right?

 I am slightly obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer. If my budget and lifestyle allowed, I would wear it all day everyday. My planner is Lilly. My phone case is Lilly. I even have Lilly pj's, a Lilly umbrella and make up bags. Don't believe me? Check out my Lilly Pulitzer Pinterest Board. The only problem with my obsession is the price tag. 

I pretty much only buy Lilly Pulitzer on sale (big sale!) or get it as a gift.  I am pretty successful and finding it at TJMaxx, Lohemann's, on daily deals sites (RueLaLa), or just waiting for a major clearance sale. In my dream world, I have this Lilly Pulitzer Christmas tree and these Lilly pumpkins. Except I can't find any where to buy them at all let alone on sale. 

So I decided to create my very own Lilly Pulitzer holiday decor. Keep in mind that this is really my first DIY project since I use to "scrapbook" in high school. Also keep in mind that I had to borrow my mom's glue gun because I don't even own one myself. And if you get too close, they don't look too pretty. Despite all that, I am beside myself with excitement about how this wreath turned out. 

This wreath is a combination of some very common projects cycling around the internet and the world of DIY. It's kind of a marriage of decoupaged eggs and the hot gluing of plastic eggs to a dollar store wreath. Here is the very simple process.

1.) Ideally I would have used Lilly fabric for these decoupage eggs but since I didn't have any on hand I used old pages from last year's planner and pages of the recent spring catalog which you can request for free online. I just picked out the patterns I wanted to use and ripped them up into the right sized pieces. 

The tile here is for the decoupage coasters I am hoping to get around to making some time soon.

2.) I then decoupaged the scraps on to plastic Easter eggs I got for .99 cents a package at Target. 

3.) I hot glued the eggs to a wreath from the dollar store and finished it off with a bow made of ribbon from my Tupperware bin  full of saved gift packaging items. The bow looked a little weak so I made a mini egg to glue in the middle of it to tie it all together. (no pun intended)

4.) I added a loop of ribbon at the top of the wreath once I realized that because of the eggs it wouldn't fit on my wreath holder for the front door. 

Sadly that four step process took me a few days to complete. Oh well, I am in love with the final product and couldn't be more excited about how cute it turned out.

Happy Easter!

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