Tobins' Tastes: Reader Question: Where did your labels/tabs go?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Reader Question: Where did your labels/tabs go?

If you have been reading Couponing & Cooking for awhile now I am sure you have noticed some of the redesign and changes being made to the structure of the site. While I love how it looks I have gotten a few questions about it. Just wanted to quickly answer one I have gotten a few times:

  • What happened to your labels/tabs that linked up to your weekly shopping trips or to posts referring to Publix and the like?
    • They are still there! They are just hidden. You can clip over on the box on the upper right hand side  that says "labels" and you should see the labels that will take you to posts on my weekly trips or on a specific topic. You can also click on the labels on the bottom of each post if you want to read more posts on that topic. 
I love getting questions so feel free to ask! It lets me know someone is actually reading what I write : ) 
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