Tobins' Tastes: Link Up You Weekly Blog Party/Hop On My Updated Party Page

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Link Up You Weekly Blog Party/Hop On My Updated Party Page

I decided to do something drastic. I deleted everything from my Link Parties Page. You may not know this but I use that page to do all my daily party link ups and I also use it as a way to show/give credit to all the blogs I visit and whose parties I "attend:". 

Lately I have been feeling like a lot of those pages were no longer hosting link parties or were outdated, so on and so forth. I have also been feeling like I need to "shake it up" a bit in regards to the way I link up to blogs, promote myself, blah, blah, blah. 

So I have decided to try something new. I have added link ups under each day of the week on my page and you are now invited to add your own link parties to my daily lists. You can link up any kind of party or blog hop just so long as it is family friendly and appropriate. Weekly shopping link ups are welcome too for all you couponing bloggers out there.

Just note that I do have to approve the links before they become visible so please don't link up the same thing on million times. Don't worry, if I link up to a blog I will make sure and add it to the list as soon as I link to a post but I wanted to create a way for people to promote their own parties and to "invite" others to join them in a way that isn't just in a comment on a single post. 

Questions? Comments? Concerns? I would love to hear them and if you have a weekly link party or blog hop please head on over the the PAGE and link it up!
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