Tobins' Tastes: Publix Paid Me! Saved 102% On $89 Worth

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Publix Paid Me! Saved 102% On $89 Worth

Publix Owed Me $1.83!
Even after a full year of couponing, I almost never have free or better than free transactions. In fact I think this is only my 4th or 5th one ever. Living in South Florida where prices are high and coupons don't double makes this very difficult. That is why I get so excited when I find a free deal on something we actually need/use.

 I had been reading on the blogs about the free Advil deals and last Thursday when I did my regular weekly shopping my store did not have the boxes with the peelies or have the regular Advil labeled on sale. I used my $3/2 coupons on the trial sized and moved on.

On Saturday I was coming back from the beach and decided to stop at one of the nicer Publix's in my town. It usually caters to people who live on the barrier island so not too many couponers there : )

I was so happy I did. This store had boxes on boxes of the regular Advil on sale and all of them had the $2 off peelies on them. I decided to get 12 boxes (and still left plenty with peelies on the shelves). I was so excited to stock up on Advil for free that I almost forgot about using a $5/$30 coupon to get overage.

I didn't remember it until I opened my binder to get my Green Ad. Flyer coupons and saw it. I hate getting too much overage but I was already in the checkout line so I just grabbed to BOGO bags of Pretzel Chips from the display behind me and called it a day.

Still not enough to keep from getting overage but at least I brought it down a little : ) Don't worry, I didn't clear the shelves or take peelies off boxes I wasn't buying. I know it seems like a lot of Advil but we have already given some to family and friends and many of what I bought actually doesn't expire until 2015 so it will get dated and stored by earliest expiration date in our "medicine/vitamins" Tupperware in the upstairs stockpile.

Breakdown of this trip:
Total retail value: $87.58
Total saved $5 off coupon: $89.41
Publix paid me/overage earned: $1.83
Percent saved: 102%

What I bought with sale/coupon match ups:
  • 12 boxes of 40 count Advil, retails for $6.75 each, on sale for $4.49
    • Used twelve peelies for $2 each that were on each box
    • Stacked with six $5/2 Publix Green Ad. Flyer coupons
    • Made them all free! Plus like .12 cents of overage total
  • 2 bags of Pretzel Chips, retails for $3.29, on sale BOGO ($1.65 each)
    • Free with my overage from my $5/$30 coupon

Were you able to find this deal at your stores?
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