Tobins' Tastes: Saved 88% At Publix- Bayer Aspirin Money Maker!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Saved 88% At Publix- Bayer Aspirin Money Maker!

Paid $4 for $35 Worth of Groceries.
One of my favorite things about doing my Weekly Totals post and link up each week is seeing what deals everyone else is finding. Last week I saw a few blogs that showed people using a $3 Bayer coupon to get free aspirin plus overage at Publix.

Most of the time my inserts don't get these high value coupons and even when they do my prices here in South East Florida tend to be higher so what is a money maker for most is normally not even free for me. In cutting coupons for a Target trip I discovered that my area did in fact get the $3 Bayer coupon in the 6/24 SS so I decided to cut them all out and check out my Publix for the deal.

As it turns out my Publix carries a few varieties of the 20+ count Bayer products for $2.65 each so I grabbed as many as I had coupons (7) and used the overage plus a $5/$30 coupon to get $35 worth of stuff for $4.14. It my seem like a random assortment of stuff but it was what we needed to make some lunch, a crust for Candy Bar Pie (post coming soon) and thanks to Justin being with me, some BOGO Ben & Jerry's.

Breakdown of Monday's Publix Trip:
Total retail value: $35.47
Total spent: $4.14
Total Saved: $31.33
Percent saved: 88%

Breakdown of what I got with sale/coupon match up (prices before using my overage and $5 off):
  • 7 boxes of Bayer 32 count aspirin, retails for $2.65 each
    • Used seven $3 off coupons from the 6/24 SS
    • Made them all FREE plus a total of $2.45 in overage
  •  1 half loaf of Publix Bakery sourdough bread, $2.13
  • A few slices of Publix Serrano Ham, .85 cents
  • Quarter pound of Boar's Head White American Cheese, $1.99
  • 1 Keebler Chocolate Pie Crust, retails for $2.05, on sale for $1.67
  • 2 pints of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, retails for $4.95
    • On sale BOGO for $2.32 
 Did you find the Bayer aspirin deal in your stores? Make sure to come back on Thursday afternoon for the Weekly Totals link up!
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