Tobins' Tastes: Saved 85% At Publix: Tons of Organic Salad!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Saved 85% At Publix: Tons of Organic Salad!

Spent $7 for $50 Worth
I had to run to Publix to pick up pretzels to make these adorable Back To School Apple Candies from Crazy for Crust (btw, mine did not look anywhere near as cute as hers) so I figured I would grab a few deals and use a $5/$30 Winn Dixie coupon too. I had gotten a few extra prints of the Organic Girl salad coupon and who can pass up .99 cents organic salad?

And since I was there already, I decided to grab some free toothpaste, cheap crackers, and two more boxes of Kashi bars. I also caved and had a little impulse buy as you may see in the photo. We NEVER (like seriously I have never purchased these in my adult life) buy prepackaged cookies but at .37 cents a package I figured we could eat a few and then "gift" the rest of the packages to the teachers' lounge : ) 

On a side note, I am still camera less and sadly coming to the realization that my camera may never be found. I am trying not too get too sad about it and I guess we will start shopping around for a replacement. Please bear with me since I am currently using my phone for photos and I will have to postpone any recipe posts and the next installment of Stalk My Stockpile until I find a camera. 

Breakdown of Tuesday's Publix trip:
Total retail value: $50.11
Total spent: $7.20
Total saved: $42.83
Percent saved: 85%

What I got with sale/coupon breakdown:
  • 2 tubes of Aquafresh toothpaste, retails for $2.59 each, on sale for $1 each
  •  2 packages of Chips Ahoy Cookies, retails for $3.75 each, on sale BOGO ($1.87 each)
    • Used two $1 off Publix Stocking Spree Coupons
    • Stacked with a $1/2 coupon
    • Made them .37 cents each
  •  2 boxes of Jingos Crackers, retails for $2.99 each, on sale BOGO ($1.49 each)
  •  5 boxes of Organic Girl salad blends, retails for $3.99 each, on sale for $2.99 each
  • 2 boxes of Kashi bars, retails for $4.05 each, on sale for $2.99 each
    • Used two $1.50 off Vocalpoint coupons
    • Made them $1.49 each
  •  1 bag of Snyder's Pretzels, retails for $3.29, on sale for $2.50
Check back tomorrow night for a weekly totals post and my weekly Thursday beginning of the sale ad Publix trip!
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