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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Weekly Totals Link Up: Saved 64% At Publix To Cap Off A Great Shopping Week

Spent $40 for $113 Worth.
I have been having some great shopping trips lately and today's Publix trip was no exception. After hitting up Publix earlier this week to buy lots of salad and swinging by Target to grab some Quaker deals, I was so happy to be able to stock up on tons of pantry staples and basics for only $40 at Publix today.

I know that you are probably sick of me talking about how great couponing is but today was just one more reminder for me. Due to the slight chance that Tropical Storm Issac might have an impact on our area, people were going crazy at the store stocking up on hurricane supplies, water and household products.

Thanks to a summer full of couponing, we are so well stocked on everything we could possibly need I was able to spend my whole trip shopping the super deals and getting some weekly basics without having to worry about needing any storm supplies. Just in case we lose power (which happens in a measly rain storm around here), I didn't buy any meat this week and we will just eat from the freezer.

 I was able to find an empty checkout aisle with a very helpful cashier so I did break my trip up into two transactions to use two $5/$30 Winn Dixie coupons.

Sorry for the lack of recipe posts and regular blog series but since my camera is missing I am relying on my phone camera and it just doesn't cut if for extensive photo posts. Hopefully I will be up and running in the camera department soon :  )

Breakdown of today's Publix trip:
Total retail value: $113.05
Total spent: $40.86
Total saved: $72.19
Percent saved: 64%

What I got with sale/coupon match ups:
  •  5 Sizzling Salad Kits, retails for $3.26 each, on sale for $1.54 each
    • Used five $1 off peelies found on product (wanted to get more but didn't want to clear the shelves... I may go back later this week to get a few more)
    • Made them .54 cents each
  •  1 twelve pack of Charmin Basic double rolls, retails for $7.49, on sale for $5.99
    • Used a .25 off coupon from the 7/29 P&G
    • Stacked with a .50 cents off Target coupon from the 7/29 RP
    • Made it $5.25
  •  1 tub of Charmin Freshmates, retails for $2.29
    • Used a Publix Stocking Spree coupon for FREE product WYB Charmin toilet paper
    • Stacked with a .25 off any Charmin product from the 7/29 P&G
    • Made it FREE plus a .25 cents money maker
  •  4 packages of Buitoni Whole Wheat Ravioli, retails for $4.19 each
    • Randomly marked down to 50% off at my local store
    • Made them $2.10 each
  •  2 bags of baby potatoes, retails for $3.99 each
    • On sale BOGO, made them $1.99 per bag
  •  1 bag of Publix baby carrots, retails for $1.79, on sale for $1.29
  • 4 boxes of Far East Whole Wheat Couscous, retails for $2.29 each
    • On sale BOGO, made them $1.15 each
  •  2 bags of Pretzel Crisps, retails for $3.29 each, on sale BOGO ($1.65 each)
    • Used two $1 off coupons from (no longer available)
    • Made them .65 cents a bag
  •  2 (twenty four count) All Laundry Detergent Mighty Pacs, retails for $5.99 each, on sale for $3.50 each
    • Used two $1 off coupons from the 7/29 RP
    • Stacked with two $1 Target coupons
    • Made them $1.50 per twenty four pack
  •  2 jars of Peter Pan Peanut Butter, retails for $3.39 each, on sale BOGO ($1.69 each)
    • Used two $1 off Publix coupons from an in store Conagra rebate flyer
    • Made them .69 cents each
  •  1 cucumber, .85 cents
  • 1 half gallon of Silk Almond milk, retails for $3.49
  •  6 Dannon Okios Greek Yogurts (yay for Publix FINALLY carrying them!), retails for $1.25 each
    • Used two .55/3 blinkies from in the store
    • Made them $1.06 each
  •  1 dozen vegetarian 4 Grain Eggs, retails for $2.69, on sale for $2.25
  • 2 jars of Pop Secret Popping Corn, retails for $5.13 each
    • On sale BOGO, made them $2.57 each

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