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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What Do Couponers Eat For Dinner?

Monday's dinner: Roast Chicken, Potatoes & Salad.
One of the biggest criticisms of couponing is that people feel that couponers don't buy "real food" or actually show the foods that they use to make their meals. While I can definitely see why someone might feel that way especially if all they knew about couponing was from Extreme Couponing, that really is not the case.

Even though I consider myself to be a "realistic" couponer I still get comments on my weekly shopping posts about what do we eat for dinner, do we have a balanced diet, ect. While we do occasionally eat the frozen pizza or frozen lasagna most of the times we make simple and fresh meals using what we have on hand. 

Keep in mind that most couponers (myself included) have a stockpile of basics and all the spices, oils, seasonings and other meal components that can add up if you have to run out and purchase them everytime you find a new recipe.

Although you see all of my recipe posts which are all made with things I buy during my featured weekly shopping trips, I am going to try and do a post once a week showing a full meal we ate and link to the shopping trips in which eat part was purchased. Hopefully this will show how it is possible for couponers to eat things other than frozen and processed food. 

Click on each menu item to see the shopping trip where it was purchased. We also had plenty of chicken left over for lunch too : )

This Monday we had:

A whole oven roasted chicken with potatoes with seasoning and a little shredded cheese

Healthy Choice Dessert Bars

What kinds of meals have you made lately?
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