Tobins' Tastes: Stalk My Stockpile: Part Two- Health & Beauty

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stalk My Stockpile: Part Two- Health & Beauty


I have to admit that I didn't start couponing to save money on food and groceries. I really got into couponing because I could not stand spending $50 every other week at Target for a small bag of health & beauty products. Don't get me wrong, saving money on food is amazing but nothing beats the feeling of knowing that I will never have to run out at 11pm for shampoo, toilet paper or contact solution again : )

All the stockpile items in these photos and those that will be in the rest of the series come from my weekly shopping trips. Check out my past trips for details about what I paid and the sale/coupon match ups I used to purchase these products.

Main H&B Stockpile Closet
My health & beauty (H&B) stockpile includes personal care items, make up, beauty products, medicines, vitamins, razors, toilet paper, tissues and so much more. I currently store my H&B products in a large linen closet in my extra upstairs bathroom. The only things I don't keep in there are all my vitamins, medicines and other first aid products since I don't want them to get ruined by moisture. 

I am going to try and show you some close ups of each shelf and what I store there. Keep in mind that these products have been purchase over the last year and are bought using my weekly household/grocery budget of $50-$80 a week for all food, groceries, household items, H&B products and paper products.

When I store most of my H&B products I try to organize them by earliest expiration date first. For products that don't have expiration dates like shampoo or tissues I make put my most recent purchases in the back of that products stash to make sure I use up the products I bought earliest before I use the newer ones.

We also keep paper products and personal products in each of our three bathrooms so those are not pictured here. As you can see we are very well stocked on some things thanks to recent trips and deals and we are running low on a few things too. Hopefully we will see some good pricing on things like mouthwash, toothbrushes and other things soon.

This photo was taken before I bought 8 bottles of Pantene Products today too.
 Along with never having to pay full price this part of our stockpile comes in very handy when we want to donate to toiletry drives or to homeless shelters and we definitely have some family who likes to come over and raid the H&B closet : )

About 30 boxes of tissues
The equivalent of over 100 regular rolls of toilet paper
In my early couponing days when Justin was still skeptical about the merits of couponing I think that it was saving money on these types of products that convinced him more than saving money on food did. Before we got married he had a very bad habit of waiting until he absolutely HAD to have razors or shampoo before restocking and he was always having to pay full price.

Additional first aid supplies
As I mentioned, my medicines, vitamins and other first aid products are stored in a different place than my other H&B items. I keep these in the upstairs hallway linen closet and store many of them in air tight containers to keep them from spoiling.

I am constantly check expiration dates on these products so I can make sure we use or donate things before they expire.

Vitamins and Pain Relievers
Where do you store your Health & Beauty stockpile? What is your favorite H&B item to get for cheap/free with coupons?

Join me over the next few weeks as I share more photos and information on my stockpile and how I store it.

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  1. Wow! That's impressive! Thanks for sharing at the Pomp Party! Pinning!

  2. Your organization and stockpile is impressive!!! I don't stockpile anything..I just by when I need and never coupon. I have a lot to learn from you! Found you via the blog hop. Following you and would love a follow back.

  3. Kaylee,
    Very impressive! I wish I had the room to stockpile like this. I always have a couple of extra packages of everything but nothing compared to this. Time to start clipping coupons again. Thanks so much for sharing at Creative Thursday this week. Have a wonderful weekend.


  4. Way to go! I used to do a lot more of this and now, whenever I run out of shampoo and have to buy more, it just kills me! I need to get back in the habit of stocking up on these things. I still have tons of deodorant, floss, and toothpaste though! Visiting from Making Space Mondays!

  5. Great post. I would like to invite you to enter my HomeGoods 50 dollar gift card giveaway. The card can be used at TJ Maxx and Marshalls as well.

    Please visit my site to enter :)

  6. I would sooooo LOVE to be able to coupon like that! It's different here in Quebec, we can't put coupon over coupon... grrr

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  7. I'm so glad that I'm following you! I've been searching for ideas for organizing my stockpile. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing on the Made in a Day link party.


  8. Awesome! My H&B products are stored in a linen closet, paper products in the laundry room. Definitely a huge savings to not have to pay full price! Thanks so much for sharing on busy Monday!

  9. Wow that's a lot of stuff! Maybe I should go back to couponing, lol!
    thanks for linking up!

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