Tobins' Tastes: Check Out Coupon Whirl: An Easier Way To Trade Coupons

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Check Out Coupon Whirl: An Easier Way To Trade Coupons

Something I have always wanted to try to do but have never been motivated enough to do is trade coupons. Since I do not have kids or pets, I always have tons of those types of coupons and nothing to do with them. I hate throwing them away and I know that there are probably lots of people out there who would happily trade me coupons I need for those I don't.

I have looked at coupon forums and other trading sites but they all confuse me and seem very complicated. When I was approached about adding Coupon Whirl to my blog it seemed like a great idea. It is just in it's beginning stages but Coupon Whirl makes trading coupons easier.

Check out the video above for the details and then head on over to the Coupon Whirl trading page to create your free profile and start trading today. The more people who sign up the better because it allows each of us to have more possibilities to trade for the coupons we need.

Have you used Coupon Whirl before? What are your thoughts on it? Suggestions? As I am totally new to this I would love feedback. Thanks!
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