Tobins' Tastes: Saved 85% At Target!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Saved 85% At Target!

Spent $10, Saved $56.

Today's Target trip (5/28) was fun and stressful all at the same time. While I love my local Target, my trips there can be hit or miss in regards to the ease of using coupons.

Today's trip was for items that all had a Target coupon and many of them were for values lower than that of the coupons. I know that they coupon should be adjusted down to the value of the item (as Target coupons are not suppose to allow for overage)this did not happen automatically and my cashier did not know how to put them in as a lower value and she ended up just ringing them up as their full value which did create a very small amount of overage on some items.

 I really don't like getting around the coupon policy this way (I try to follow the rules so as not to abuse the system and cause problems) but after trying to get to her adjust down the coupons and her calling over a manager who also could not adjust down the coupons, they just rang them up as full value. I just wanted to put that out there : ) 

Many of my coupons also were printed before the wording "excludes trial sized" was added so I was able to get a few trial sized items for free too. I was very happy about the Zyrtec deal and only wish I had more of the $4 off any sized coupons left so I could go back and stock up on some more.

Almost all of my coupons came from which is a great examples of how you don't always need multiple newspaper subscriptions to get all the good deals. I managed to stay away from the clothing section and women's clearance racks so that really helped me keep my totals low too.

Make sure you come back on Thursday and link up your weekly totals posts!

Breakdown of today's trip:
Total retail value: $66.08
Total spent: $10.06
Total saved: $56.02
Percent saved: 85%

What I got with sale/coupon match ups:
  • 4 travel sized Degree deodorants, retails for .97 cents each
    • Used two $2/2 coupons (printed them before they added the "excludes trial sized wording")
    • Made them all FREE plus a total of .12 cents in overage 
  •  3 Revlon nail files, retails for $1.67 each
    • Used three $2 off coupons (these did automatically adjust down)
    • Made them all FREE
  •  2 travel sized bottles of Coppertone Waterbabies Sunscreen, retails for .97 cents each
    • Used two $1 off coupons (printed before trial sized wording added)
    • Made them both FREE plus .06 cents in overage
  •  2 travel sized bottles of Banana Boat sunscreen, retails for .97 cents each
    • Used two $1 off coupons (printed before travel sized wording added)
    • Made them both FREE plus .06 cents in overage 
  •  3 bottles of Up & Up ibuprofen, retails for .97 cents each
  • 3 Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balms, retails for $2.49 each
  • 3 bottles of Up & Up hand soap, retails for .97 cents each
  •  6 (five count) packages of Zyrtec, retails for $5.29, on sale for $4.76
    • Used six $4 off coupons from the 4/29 and 5/20 RP
    • Made them .76 cents for each (five count) package
  • 1 Axe shower detailer, retails for $3.99, on sale for $3.49
  •  1 package of Gold n Plump fresh chicken thighs, retails for $4.29, on sale for $3.74
    • Used a .75 cents off man. coupon from
    • Stacked with a $1 off Target mobile coupon
    • Made it $1.99
Have you found any good deals at Target lately? Let us know about them in the comments and/or come and link up to your savings posts this Thursday!
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