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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weekly Totals Link Up; Saved 63% At Publix Today

Spent $33, Saved $58

When I first took this picture, I felt like this didn't seem like a lot of food for almost $35. But then I told myself that the couponer in me needed to realize that it's ok to deviate from the "super deals" list once and awhile to get things that we want and enjoy to make our meals with.

This week's trip included 4 bottles of good olive oil, two bags of baby spinach, apple slices, a dozen and a half eggs, almonds, granola and so much more. Proving once again that it is possible to save money on healthy and fresh food. I may not have saved 90% but that is something I am willing to trade for food we enjoy. And the butternut squash, tomato basil bisque I made tonight was so worth the extra few dollars from the grocery budget.

I didn't have a ton of coupons today but we did do something out of the ordinary and break our items down into two transactions. Justin took most of the items without coupons (mostly BOGO stuff) to his own lane and used a $5/$30 Winn Dixie coupon and I took the rest in mine and used a second $5/$30. We just barely made the $30 before coupons in each transaction but it really helped lower our totals. I don't like to do this when it's just me in one lane but since he was there to help I didn't feel too bad about it.

Even with my Target trip earlier this week, and a quick $5 trip out to the local market for last minute items for this weekend's Feta Dip, I still stayed right around $50 for the week. Not too bad if you ask me.

This Week's Target Trip: Spent $10, Saved $56.
Breakdown of today's (5/31) Publix trip:
Total retail value: $92.22
Total spent: $32.36
Total saved: $58.47
Percent saved: 63%

Breakdown of what I got with sale/coupon match ups:
  • 4 bottles of Filipo Berio Olive Oil, retails for $6.99 each, on sale for $3.99 each
  •  1 bag of Bare Naked Granola, retails for $4.49
    • Used a Publix coupon for a FREE Bare Naked product WYB three Kashi items
    • Made it FREE
  •  1 box of Kashi Crackers, retails for $3.29, on sale for $2.50
    • Used a $2 off coupon emailed to me by the man. for taking a survey
    • Made it .50 cents
  •  2 bags of Kashi Steam Meals, retails for $3.99 each, on sale for $3 each
    • Used two $1 off coupons from Facebook
    • Made them $2 each
  •  2 boxes of Barilla pasta, retails for $1.69 each
    • Used two $1 off coupons from the man. website (no longer available)
    • Made them .69 cents each
  •  2 cans of Blue Diamond Almonds, retails for $3.19 each, on sale BOGO ($1.59 each)
    • Used two .50 cents off printables from Coupon Network (out of prints I think)
    • Made them $1.09 each
  •  2 bags of Fresh Express Baby Spinach, retail for $3.99 each
    • On sale BOGO, made them $1.99 each
  •  18 count of Publix Eggs, retail for $2.55
    • On sale for $1.99
  •  1 loaf of Cuban Bread, $1.59
  • 2 tubs of DiGiorno Cheese, retails for $4.79 each
    • On sale BOGO, made them $2.39 each
  •  2 jars of Peter Pan Peanut Butter, retails for $3.39 each
    • Still can't find the Summer Savings Booklet....
    • On sale BOGO, made them $1.70 each
  • 1 pound bag of baby carrots, retails for $1.79
    • On sale for $1.49
  •   1 box of V8 Butternut Squash Soup, $2.99
  • 1 bag of Apple Slices, retails for $3.29
    • On sale for $2.50
  •  Publix Half & Half, $1.60

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