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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Light & Easy Feta Dip

I love dips. All kinds of dips. Specifically cheese dips. Have you checked out my Swiss Cheese Bread Dip? Talk about one seriously intense cheese dip. This Feta Dip is like Swiss Cheese Bread Dip's lighter, more refreshing and much less artery clogging cousin.

When I saw this dip on Pinterest via Cooking On Clover Lane, I was worried that compared to the cheese dips my family is use to (among others would be Swiss Cheese Bacon Dip and Velveeta Salsa, really light sounding huh?) this dip would be too bland or mild tasting. I was so wrong.

I was in a pinch for an appetizer to bring to a dinner party this weekend and the weather was so hot that I could not fathom turning on the oven or stove top. I also had lots of feta on hand from some great couponing sales so I decided to give it a try.

With only four main ingredients and about as many simple steps to making it, you can't mess this dip up. It was so light and refreshing and went perfectly with the summer weather and white wine. I took the original recipe creator's advice and made sure I used Cavender's Greek Seasoning and good fresh bread to serve it with and I really think it made all the difference.

What's so great about this dip is you can use the bread slices in a variety of ways. You could go the civilized route and use a utensil to nicely spread some of the dip on your bread slice. Or you could use our preferred method and use the bread slice much like you would a chip to scoop up dip or even fold it in half and use it to "grab" some of the dip. See demonstrated techniques below:

Pretending to be civilized.
The scoop and the grab methods respectively.

However you choose to eat it, this dip is something you will be making again and again throughout the summer and the rest of the year. It has only been three days since I first made it and Justin is already asking me when I am going to make it again.

Feta Dip
  • 1 package of crumbled Feta Cheese (I used Athenos traditional)
  • 1 large fresh tomato chopped/diced (I think you could used canned in a pinch)
  • A bunch of green onions chopped
  • Fresh or dried basil
  • Greek Seasoning (I stuck with the original Cavender's)
  • Olive Oil (I used extra virgin)
  • 1 fresh baguette 

This seasoning really does make a difference!
1.) Wet your serving dish with olive oil. You will want a light layer that completely covers the dish. Then add your chopped tomatoes, layer the chopped green onions and feta on top of that.

2. Lightly season with Cavender's and then gently combine everything with a fork making sure the olive oil is completely incorporated into the rest of the ingredients. I went light on the seasoning at first and then added more to taste.

3.) Top with fresh basil and some more chopped green onions for color and presentation. Serve with thinly sliced pieces of fresh bread.


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